LANX Chemical Protective SWAT Tactical Underwear Shirt

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*Made to military spec MIL-U-44435 *Wear under any apparel such as uniforms, coveralls, riot gear, BDUs, gloves, boots, hoods, etc. *Will not alter outward appearance so public will not know you are responding to a WMD threat *Allows access to needed equipment *Significantly reduces thermal stress allowing wearer to remain cool *Liquid, vapor and aerosol protection *Enhanced flash protection *Gray *Made in USA The Lanx Undergarment Story - Designed for the US military (MIL-U-44435), Lanx Protective Undergarments are made of polymerically encapsulated activated carbon material. For the wearer, this means excellent vapor and aerosol protection against chemical warfare agents as well as superior protection against chemical warfare agents as well as superior flash protection. And, the fabric's thermal control properties keep you from overheating. Laundering is simple and easy requiring only ordinary household detergents to ready the garment for use again. Structural integrity of the garment remains effective through ten laundering cycles. Storage in air tight containers ensures up to 12 years of shelf life. Made in USA.