FAMILY SURVIVAL 4 Pack - GAS MASKS - Hi-Risk Disease Kits and Go Bag

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FAMILY SURVIVAL 4 Pack Israeli NBC Military GAS MASKS Hi-Risk Disease Kits and Bag

* * * * FAMILY SURVIVAL DEAL * * * *


Lot of Four (4) Original Israeli Issued Gas Masks, (4) Hi-Risk Survival Disease Kits with Grab and Go Bag!



* (4) Official Israeli Issued Adult Small (Size 3) Adjustable Surplus Gas Masks (BRAND NEW - UNISSUED)

* For General Civilian or Military Tactical Use

* Masks Each Include One (1) Sealed NBC NATO 40mm Filter Canister (4 total filters with 4 total masks) (Approx 18 hour life) (Filter style may vary from listing photo)

* The Mask Will Protect From (NBC) Nuclear Biological And Chemical Agents

* 4 elasticized straps with resistance buckles and 1 crown webbing strap with resistance buckle allow for a secure fit while enhancing user comfort

* Voicemitter provides clear and effective communication

* Adjustable Straps To Fit Most Anyone

* Extra Filters ARE Available at this time! (contact seller)


* (4) Medical Hi-Risk Emergency Biological Disease Prevention Ebola/Flu Survival Kit w/ N95 Mask

 * Provides Protection from Chemical, Biological & Disease Contamination

Sealed Professional Medical Kit Included Items:
1-Impervious Gown - One size fits most.
1-Sub-Micron Mask with Eye Shield
1-N95 Mask
1-Pair of Gloves
1-Pair of Shoe Covers
1-Hair Cover
1-Anti-Microbial Hand Wipe
1-Red Bio Bag  



Also includes BRAND NEW Grab and Go canvas duffel bag (color may vary).


Store them away for when you and your loved ones have to make a quick escape! 

Take this opportunity right now to safely protect your family against natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemic or anything else that might disrupt your life, as you know it!

**NOTE: Some components may be different from ones pictured or may be switched out as per APS Tactical's discretion. Photos are stock and only reflect an idea of the general kit.**