CRIME HALTER Bullet Proof Body Armor Flat Shield

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Bullet Proof Body Armor Flat Shield

Ultra-thin flat ballistic panel, only 1.14 lbs!


  • Ultra-thin, composite flat ballistic panel
  • NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Level IIIA Standard-0108.01 ballistic resistance
  • Tested to withstand 9mm FMJ/.44 magnum, five test shots per round
  • Also protects against fragmentation risks, knives and arm explosions
  • Suitable for use in backpacks, shoulder bags, briefcases and armor vests
  • Dimensions: 11" x 13"
  • Weighs: 1.14 lbs.

Crime Halter ballistic armor provides reliable protection against hand guns, bullet fragments, knives and explosions. It has an NIJ certification standard-0108.01 ballistic resistance to withstand 9mm FMJ/.44 magnum shots with 5 test shots per round. Apart from this, the composite flat hard armor panel is ultra-thin and lightweight, weighing only 1.14 lbs. It slips in easily into an armor vest and does not restrict normal body movement. The ballistic panel can also be used inside a backpack or briefcase and be instantly held up as a shield in the event of an attack. It is suitable for police and security personnel as well as those who are in constant danger of being attacked by criminals and personal foes. This high-quality ballistic shield keeps you protected from various bodily threats.