Are You Radio Prepared? Book by Brad Smith

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Does your family have an emergency plan to ride out the aftermath of a disaster? Can you imagine anything more frightening than not being able to communicate with loved ones, to know that they are all right and to report you are as well? The Red Cross and FEMA websites have online checklists to follow in the event of an emergency, but they leave out critical information. They tell you to have an emergency radio with AM, FM and Weather capabilities but don’t explain how to find the stations that are provided with emergency information. They don’t explain why cell phones may not operate during a disaster. They don’t tell you how you can stay in touch with family and friends by radio. This book explains how to actually use those emergency radios in plain language, and in a step-by-step format. In plain language you will learn about different radios that are available to you and how to use them. With a little training, on your own and with this book, you can use two-way radios to communicate with your loved ones, regardless of whether phone and cell towers are functioning. In addition, you can use these same radios to stay abreast of changing conditions and changing emergency situations.